10 of My Fave Beauty Products

Since we are still on strike, and my outfits remain a snoozefest, I thought I’d share some of my favorite beauty products instead. These are in no particular order.

1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. This stuff is AWESOME. I have mega oily skin, and the thought of adding more oil used to sound ridiculous to me. But for some reason, it all works out. I use this stuff on my nose, chin, and forehead if my pores look super gross. You rub it on your skin while it’s DRY, and then rinse with water. I follow up with a full wash with number 6.
(buy it online here)

2. Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil. I’m pretty sure this is technically a no-no, but when I have a particulary gnarly zit (or can feel one coming, but can’t actually see it yet), I’ll stick a Q-tip in this bottle and dab it directly onto the offending area. I think you are technically supposed to dilute tea tree oil, but WHATEVER. Depending on how quickly I need that puppy to go away, I might reapply this several times throughout the day, alternating with benzoyl peroxide cream.  Sometimes I overdo it, and wind up with a super dry patch of skin where the pimple used to be, but I still consider this a victory. I’d rather add moisturizer than have to cover a bump.
(buy it at Whole Foods, online here, or Trader Joe’s has an equivalent)

3. L’oreal Double Extender Mascara. Holy fake looking lashes. This is the stuff that makes “tubes” around each individual lash, making them thicker AND ridiculously longer. I only use the white base when I want to look extra hooker-y, but I wear the dark side almost daily.  WARNING: The best part is that you don’t need makeup remover for this. The weird part is that the first time you wash this off, you think all your eyelashes are falling off your face. To remove, just splash warm-ish water on your eyes, and gently squeegie the “tubes” off of your lashes between your fingers. THIS DOES NOT HURT (if it does, your impatient ass just needs more quality time with the water), but it does look pretty crazy the first time.
(buy it in drugstores, or online here)

4. TRESemme Extra Firm Control Mousse. I change my hair routine regularly. Lately, my curly/wavy routine has been to let my hair air dry for 10ish minutes, then put a pea-sized amount of that tube of conditioner that comes in the box with home hair color. YOU HEARD ME. “Leave-in Conditioner” is a joke, just use a tiny amount of regular conditioner, girl. Then, I’ve been using a tennis ball sized blog of this mousse AND THEN NOT TOUCHING IT UNTIL IT’S DRY.  My goal is to make my thick, curly hair look thinner and less curly, so this may not be the routine for you. But if you are a backwards freak like me, give it a try.
(buy it in drugstores, or online here)

5. ORLY Won’t Chip TopCoat. My nails peel like you wouldn’t believe, so even though I trim them super short, my polish ALWAYS chips within a few days. Like, 1 day. This topcoat buys me 1 or 2 extra days. When I get a proper manicure, I like to apply this over the color every other day.
(buy it in some drugstores, ULTA, or online here)

6. Desert Essense Thoroughly Clean Face Wash. One word: MAGIC. I’ve had acne-prone skin since forever, and this stuff changed my life (well, this stuff and figuring out that eating dairy also makes me breakout…).  TWICE A DAY EVERY DAY. The end.
(buy it at Whole Foods, online here, or Trader Joe’s has an equivalent)

7. Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 15. Remember the acne-prone thing? Most stuff I put on my face makes my skin go bananas. This stuff doesn’t. Most days, I just wear this instead of foundation – it has SPF and it also evens out the red in my skin tone (not completely, obviously, but considerably).  I will be upgrading to the 30 SPF once this bottle runs out.
(buy it in drugstores or online here)

8. Now Solutions Rose Hip Seed Oil. Who knows if the brand matters, this is the only brand I’ve used. But YOU NEED ROSE HIP SEED OIL STAT. My skin gets weird if I use it all over my face, but every night I put some under my eyes and on my neck. It tightens and moisturizes and costs next to nothing.  BONUS: It is also great for when you burn yourself with the flat iron (just me?).
(buy it at your local hippie health homeopathic store or online here)

9. Smith’s Rosebud Salve. This is a purse staple. I use it primarily as lip gloss (NOT sticky, smells nice), but it’s basically like Vaseline.  Dry skin, ragged cuticles, stray hair frizz, previously mentioned flat iron burns, shoes rubbing, YOU NAME IT.
(buy it at Sephora, Urban Outfitters, or online here)

10. Seche Vita Dry Fast Top Coat. This stuff is the bee’s knees for DIY manis.  It dries almost instantly (but don’t be ridiculous, you will still smudge if you try to do something ridiculous, but it WILL let you go pee if you’re careful). I still like to let my nails dry a little in between coats, but you should apply this top coat while your last color coat is still kinda wet. Glob it on, because if you don’t have enough on the brush and have you double dip, it’ll already be almost dry and look weird.  It dries to a mirror shine. CONS: It smells like paint thinner. Like yikes. And I’ve found that after a few days, instead of chipping, the color comes off in huge chunks as though it was peel-off polish. I apply ORLY’s Won’t Chip the day after, and that helps.
(buy it at ULTA or online here)

What are some of your favorite products??

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