How Do I Wear Leopard Jeans?

Printed jeans are EVERYWHERE right now. Most styles are not for the faint of heart. I bought a pair of floral skinnies from Target, which the boyf says look exactly like a pair of thermal pajama pants I already own… But one pattern for the adventurous-but-not-insane is leopard! Leopard is a classic print and is made up of neutrals (tan, black, and/or brown).

Because oxblood and cobalt are still off and popping, I created two looks using these to wear with leopard print jeans.  The first one is the “dressy” look. (I originally tagged these and “night” and “day” but the night look could also easily work for day)

The oxblood blouse classes it up a bit – and if you know me, you know I love a good juxtaposition. The leather jacket is an obvious choice, but this one is grey and has a yummy collar to keep it interesting. The boots HINT at tough biker shoes, but with the leopard AND the leather jacket, we need to tone the Harley vibe down.  Finally, an arm party adds a little color and that messy-oops-I’m-fabulous vibe I love.

  • Pants: Current/Elliot (turns out these are corduroy! buy them here) (similar jeans here) (similar jeans here) (tougher jean version here)
  • Blouse: OAK (buy it here) (long sleeve option here) (peplum option here)
  • Jacket: Muubaa (buy it here) (similar here) (fleece option here)
  • Boots: Some weird bargain brand? (buy them here)
  • Cobalt Bracelet: Vita Fede (buy it here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Black bracelet: Susan B. (buy it here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Oxblood bracelet: Top Shop (buy it here) (similar here) (similar here) (chunky option here) (bangle option here)

This is the casual look. THEY ARE STILL JUST JEANS, so casual totally works.  I am obsessed with grey t-shirts for making anything look more casual. The burgundy cardigan gives us color, but the muted tone keeps it understated. Ballet flats are essential for casual looks, these have some special details, but are still completely neutral.  The flats also inject that lady-like juxtaposition. Statement necklace because the tops are just cotton basics (but still in neutral tones). I’m not in love with this particular bag, but I adore the look of dark florals with leopard. Just make sure the neutrals in the floral match the neutrals in the leopard (black floral with brown leopard is weird).

  • Tee: Alexander Wang (buy it here) (similar here)
  • Cardigan: Hollister (buy it on sale here) (similar here)
  • Flats: Tory Burch (buy them here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Necklace: Kate Spade (buy it here) (gold option here) (triangle option here) (teal option here)
  • Bag: Ted Baker (buy it here) (similar here) (dr bag option here) (bowling bag option here)

And just for fun, here are a bunch of tops and shoes that will work with these pants.

The colors/patterns can be used for a number of different pieces (floral or lace tops, orange or black/white shoes). I would just say that because the pants are sort of one statement, there should only be one other statement-y  piece. So if you wear a red top, tone down the shoes. If you wear the floral shoes, tone down the top.

If you only want to dip your toes into mixing patterns, try either a small clutch, or wear a patterned shirt with a solid jacket over it. Classic black blazers are perfection for toning down the “crazy” of a look and making it read more sophisticated.

(info on pieces here)

OMG YOU GUYS. While I was searching for options, I came across this jacket on ebay:

I don’t see myself wearing this for serious, but I HAD to share. Maybe for a bad-ass angel costume?? (buy it here and tell us how you’ll wear it!!!!)

Love, hate, or meh? Let me know!

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