Back to Basics

These outfits from Tuesday and Wednesday aren’t particularly inspired. Some days, a girl’s just GOT to get dressed and go. But I still wanted to share them because they feature some of my favorite basics that get used over and over again in a million different ways.

First up is this great short sleeve dress.

You can’t exactly tell from my goofy poses, but the cut is extremely flattering. It has a wide scoop neck, slim longer sleeves, is snug at the waist, and flares out to a few inches above the knee. It is made of this thick, semi shiny fabric, not totally disimilar to an Herve Leger item. It looks like it was made up of a bunch of wide cuts of fabric, with seams every 5ish inches.

I originally bought this as a last minute rehearsal dinner dress. I dressed it up with pink sequin pumps and a sparkly clutch. I’ve also worn it casually with flip flops, and even under a frilly apron to a 50’s Housewife themed bridal shower.

(It did feel a little short to wear to school, so I bought the pantyhose at CVS on the way to school. The shoes look way better with naked legs, but I felt much more appropriate covered up.)

This seed bead necklace is awesome for jazzing up any basic top, and I like how the pink winks at the pink in the shoes.

Next up we have 4 of my favorite basics in 1 outfit.

Cotton “blazer”, gray t shirt, black suit skirt, and black ballet flats. These are all well worn favorites.

I had planned on wearing the leopard flats again, but they had rubbed my pinkie toe weird, and I didn’t think I could take standing in them for another whole day. My feet look a little weirdly small because the proportion of the skirt and shoes is a little off. Also, I have weirdly small feet…

And, if you are familiar with Tieks, they have a little turquoise bit on the back and soles which reference the blue in the necklace.

I bought the jacket at Nordstrom Rack a while ago, and have been wearing it AT LEAST once a week since. The t shirt is such a staple, I’ve been asked if I ever take it off to wash it! (I do, I swear!!!)

The skirt was a last minute purchase when I realized that I needed a conservative skirt for my trip to Israel, I wasn’t in love with it when I bought it, but I find myself gravitating to it often. It’s just a great, flattering work staple.

  • Dress: old Forever 21 (similar here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Seed bead necklace: old Forever 21(DIY here!) (similar here) (similar here) (similar here buy a few and layer)
  • Ring: old Filene’s Basement find with green baguette (similar here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Pantyhose: L’eggs Silken Mist Ultra Sheer in Black Mist (buy in drugstores or here)
  • Leopard shoes: Xhilaration at Target in Pink (buy them here) (identical here)
  • Jacket: cotton by  Krisa (coated version here) (similar here under $20!) (similar here)
  • Gray Tshirt: American Apparel (buy it here)
  • Black skirt: old H&M (similar here) (similar here) (soft option here)
  • Multicolor necklace: old Nikki Hilton for Claire’s (DIY here!) (neutral option here) (interesting option here)
  • Ring: old Tiffany with Peridot (new version here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Black shoes:  Tieks in Matte Black (buy them here) (similar here) (similar here for $15)
  • Nail polish: Spoiled, Paying With Platinum (buy it here)

Love, hate, or meh? Let me know!

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