Earn Your Stripes

This was running errands look early on Saturday morning. I hadn’t even showered yet, so the hair is in a side braid.

I was getting bored of my pants options, and I realized I could finally break out the cororouys again! I have these pants in 3 colors. I found them at GAP 2 years ago on extreme sale (they were, like, $15), so I picked them up in navy, gray, and winter white. I hemmed and hawed about buying the hot pink ones, and now I’m sad that I didn’t!

These pants have a higher waist (NOT “high waisted”, those look ridiculous on my short torso!) so they are  super flattering. And stretchy, so super comfy, too!

 The denim (stretch!) moto jacket is from a trip to England about 10 years ago. I got it from an unfamiliar store called Uniglo (!) which my travel companion and I referred to as the Japanese Gap. Lo and behold, now Uniglos are popping up all over the states!

The t shirt is another decade old item. It originally had elastic rouching up the sides (notice the mismatched striped at the seams), but I took the elastic out and this is a great layering piece I have yet to get rid of.

The purple sunglasses might be a little overkill. I just grabbed them on the way out the door and didn’t think much of it. Tortoise shell would’ve been a better option, but those are sitting on my mother’s foyer table across the country. Oops.

  • Purple/gray sunnies: Gift from a friend from Target’s dollar section (similar here) (similar here) (similar here) (customized here)
  • Denim moto jacket: old Uniglo (similar here) (light option here) (classic option here)
  • Tie dye cotton scarf: I forget! Maybe Nordstrom Rack? (similar here) (similar here) (similar here) (embroidered option here) (DIY here)
  • Purple/navy sweater: old Forever 21(similar here) (similar here on ebay) (cowl neck option here)
  • Navy/white t shirt: old modified Rampage (similar here) (similar here) (3/4 sleeve option here) (tank option here)
  • Navy corduroys: old Gap Always Straight (similar here) (similar here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Tan/pink shoes: Ugg Dakota (buy them here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Olive/tan purse: old Zara (similar here) (similar here) (tote option here)
  • Nail Polish: Rimmel in Steel Grey (buy at drugstores or online here)

Love, hate, or meh? Let me know!

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