Buffalo (Check) Soldier

Please excuse the quality (or complete lack-thereof) of these photos. Because of Spirit Week, I knew I wouldn’t have many work outfits to share, so I made The Mister take some iPhone snaps of this look I threw together for Bar Trivia.  This sweatshirt is about a decade old and needs to be hiked down a little, but I still wanted to share these new boots with you. Not only do they have GLITTER (my favorite color!), they are also quite comfortable – which is good since we had to walk almost 4 blocks to catch a cab!



  • Earrings Forever 21 (similar)
  • Buffalo check shirt Forever 21 (similar)
  • Sweatshirt ooold Dollhouse (similar, similar)
  • Jeans Old Navy (buy)
  • Boots Wanted via Barefeet Shoes (buy)

7 thoughts on “Buffalo (Check) Soldier

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