How Do I Wear My Sewing Supplies?

This request comes from reader, frequent commenter, fellow blogger, and dear friend “The Other Amy”:

It’s not really an item that I have. It’s an item that I sort of need. When I work on set, I need something to carry my kit on me. I need to be able to have my hands free and move around but still have supplies to fix up costumes. So I need a fanny pack basically. But I need something with lots of pockets so I can be relatively organized and have everything that I need but I want to look cool and not dorky. I live in LA. Everyone drives an Audi. I need the Audi fanny pack.

When I first started reading, I immediately thought of this or this:

belt1 belt2

And when I read the part about The Audi of Fanny Packs, I thought of this:


But neither seem to really fit the bill. (I assume the Gucci bag is not big enough, but if it is, I’m POSITIVE you can find a similar one Made in China…)

I dug a little deeper into the world of Lady Tool Belts and came up with these options:

41KAVNDH19L._SL500_AA300_ thumbnail-pink-tool-belt yhst-17665666401044_2238_170833613

(with a lot more color/configuration options here)

And then, of course, you could sew your own!

Here’s one with a tutorial:

And you could use a badass fabric (snakeskin? black pleather with added studs? a repurposed California flag?) and/or attach it to a cool belt.

I hope this helps! Let us know what you end up with.



 P.S. I should also add that THE only way to wear something like this is cocked to the side like this awesome broad. 


Love, hate, or meh? Let me know!

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