Here’s an outfit I built around this simple tissue turtleneck from my J. Crew sale haul. I need more boots in my repertoire; I feel like my options for covering my ankles are quite limited.

This headband did NOT make it past my swipe in. I have a tiny child-sized head, and yet headbands are often too tight on me. Am I just a wimp, or you you have this problem too??

IMG_0783 IMG_0817

This bracelet arrived way too big, so I picked up some clear stretchy string and super glue from Joann’s. I cut the string it came with and restrung the bracelet minus one pearl. Super glue dabbed on top of the knot holds it together for eternity. (While I was at it, I also restrung a few Forever 21 bracelets in dire straits.)

IMG_0915 IMG_0780 IMG_0804 IMG_0827

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