This last post is just for my friends in the WordPress community. I’ve enjoyed discovering your blogs through Reader and the ease of being able to “like” each other’s posts.

I have decided to move my blog elsewhere, but I’ll still be checking in on you! I hope you’ll continue to check me out over on at my new domain allmouthandtrousersblog.com.

Big kisses and looking forward to reading all your new posts!

xo, Amy



Holy smokes, this is my 100th post!

In order to mark the milestone, I’ve decided to make this one long Take One Pass It On post. The Take One Pass It On challenge was started by Sarah’s Real Life and the idea is to take an item you wore yesterday and wear it again in a new outfit. The take a different piece from today’s outfit and rewear that in a new way tomorrow, and so on.

Through this little hobby of blogging, I’ve gotten quite good at digging into the depths of my closet for oldies but goodies, and reusing a lot of pieces in very different ways. Jill and I both decided that we are both too emotional about picking outfits according to our mood to adhere to this. So instead of doing the challenge properly, here it is in  flashback form.

bday4Pass it on: boots (and jacket!)


Pass it on: pants


Pass it on: chambray shirt (and pants!)


Pass it on: silver sweater (and pants AGAIN!)


Pass it on: blue necklace


Pass it on: teal pants


Pass it on: denim shirt


Pass it on: pink pants


Pass it on: red shoes


Pass it on: snowcat blouse


And here we are back at the boots.

I could probably work ALL of my previous outfits in together if I started counting jewelry and had a lot of time on my hands.

Thanks for sticking with me to 100 posts! When I post, I imagine only like 3 people are reading these. But every time I go to a party, someone new tells me they check me out on the regular. So, that ups my readers to like 12 🙂 This blog has helped reinvigorate my love for putting together interesting looks, and I hope I’m inspiring you to do the same.

Coming soon: I finally got a haircut!

Cyber Monday

I don’t do Black Friday, and I hadn’t planned on going bananas for Cyber Monday, but this J. Crew Factory sale has caught my attention. In my quest for the perfect chambray shirt, I ordered this one during a 30% off sale. I ordered a Small, which I think is going to be too big (I didn’t properly try it on, just held it up). My plan is to reorder the Small and an Extra Small. If the Small fits, then I got it at a better price and will send the other 2 back. If the Extra Small fits, then I still got Free Shipping and would’ve had to send the Small back anyway.

Which Cyber Monday deals are giving you fever?

Graphic Organizer

My mom took me and a friend to see Clueless the day it came out in theaters. If memory serves, I think we even got to leave school a little early!  Cher’s fictional life was covetable  for a variety of reasons, but her electronic closet was the ultimate in fashionista fantasy.

While searching for a photo in my phone, I came across a year old collection of my own version of the electronic outfit maker. The photos were dated from late March 2011 which means I was student teaching. I must’ve been putting together teacher outfits to help me during those last minute morning rushes when I’m particularly uninspired.


Some of these items I have since given away, but it’s fun to see how I was putting things together a year and a half ago.

These days, when I’m preemptively putting outfits together, I just end up hanging them up together in my closet, which is easier to look through than busting out my phone and scrolling through, but it’s also not as thorough and permanent as photos.

Do you make outfits ahead of time? How do you keep track of them?

Catalog of Your Sins

I don’t know when I started receiving this catalog, nor have I ever ordered something from them. But flipping through the latest Garnet Hill catalog I found in my mail box, I stopped at the above picture. It’s so simple, but so perfect. The little floral blouse, the deep v on the sweater, and the gorgeous color on the shoes and bag. How easy? But how CUTE?

  • Signature Cotton Shirt in Pink Floral (buy it here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Boyfriend V-Neck Cashmere Sweater in Medium Gray Heather (buy it here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Relaxed Five-Pocket Jeans in Dark Distressed Indigo (buy them here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Anjelica Signature Ballet Flats in Pomegranate Suede (buy them here) (similar here) (similar here) (horse hair option here)
  • Sofia Convertible Leather Bag in Ruby (buy it here) (similar here) (rugged python option here) (quilted option here) (tote option here)

I flipped back through the catalog and found this outfit. Garnet Hill features a lot of fat, low slung belts, which I feel are very 2002.  But this chic layered look with the high skinny belt feels both classic and modern to me. I don’t know that I would’ve picked out green jeans like this on my own, but this look makes me want them! Side note: I over did it with brown a few years back, and now I’m in an All Black, All the Time mode.  But this set is giving me second thoughts…

  • Devon Sweater Jacket in Cappuccino (buy it here) (cardigan option here) (business-y option here) (Chanel-y option here) (boucle option here)
  • Modern Silk Poet Blouse in Ivoire (buy it here) (similar here) (similar here) (option here) (color options here)
  • Mia Skinny Belt in Vintage Brown Leather (buy it here) (similar here) (similar 3-pack here for $10!)
  • Red Engine Cayenne Skinny Jeans in Forest (buy them here) (similar here) (similar here) (corduroy option here)
  • Frye Paige Riding Boots in Cognac (buy them here) (similar here) (similar here) (similar here for $35) (similar here in Cognac, and featured in Burgundy on Jill’s blog)

I also live for this pattern mix. A PERFECT way for the skeptical to dip their toes into the trend.

  • Signature Merino Cardigan in Sketched Trees (buy it here) (similar here for $18!) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Modern Silk Poet Blouse in Black (buy it here) (similar here) (sleeveless option here) (petal neck option here) (color options here)
  • Mia Skinny Belt in White Ocelot Calf Hair (buy it here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Red Engine Cayenne Skinny Jeans in Dark Distressed Indigo (buy them here) (similar here) (similar here for $11!)

Let’s do this!

I’ve started and quickly abandoned several blogs in my lifetime. One was about my move from Philadelphia to Chicago. One was an ill conceived Thinspiration site. They always seemed to revolve around whatever I happened to be into at the moment, and as my fleeting interest feigned, the corresponding

One “thing” I’ve ALWAYS been into is clothes. And shoes. And bags, And jewelry. And hair color. And maniciures.  And writing.

My father told me about how when I was 2 years old, I would reach into my drawers, pull out the nicely folded items, and throw them one by one onto the floor in disgust. I STILL DO THAT.

My tastes may change, but I’ve always been obsessed with outfits. The way I feel about my look dictates my mood, so when I look fierce, I feel fierce.  I’ve wanted to start an outfit blog for a while, and my new friend Jill (hotpinkstyle.blogspot.com) finally inspired me to DO IT.

So here goes nothing…