What does “all mouth and trousers” mean?

It’s an old British insult, describing someone as a loud mouth know it all. I imagine it came from saying someone was all talk and fancy clothes, but no substance. Another version, “all mouth and NO trousers”, is also commonly used, but is technically incorrect.  I like that it sort of describes the blog (just me ‘talking’ and clothes), and it doesn’t hurt that it sounds like a double entendre.

What kind of camera do you use?

Jill and I both now each have our own Canon EOS Rebel Digital SLR. The older, not so good shots were taken with the boyf’s iPhone 4S.

How would you describe your style?

I have a hard time classifying myself – I’m impossible to shop for because of my bizarre taste. I’ve recently been described as “Quirky” and “Ecclectic” which is probably about right.  I guess you could say I’m mostly Preppy with a healthy dose of both Rock-n-Roll and Whimsical? I don’t know; my whole life I’ve just worn what I like, and that constantly changes.

Why does your hair color seem to change constantly?

I’ve never been afraid of a drastic color change. I’ve been every shade of blonde, brunette and red you can imagine since the 7th grade. Currently, I’ve been using semi permanent color on myself, so it starts out brown and then washes out as the month goes by.

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