The day I (well, we) bought these lavender jeans, I spotted a gorgeous lavender and coral necklace at J Crew and knew I wanted to pair the pants with this coral blouse. The blouse is quite over-sized, so I tamed it with this tailored jacket.

The earrings match the pants, but the random introduction of mint makes them less matchy-matchy.

IMG_1849 IMG_1864 IMG_1858 IMG_1851


  • Earrings Charming Charlie (buy in stores, similar)
  • Necklace Forever 21 (buy)
  • Jacket Forever 21 (buy)
  • Blouse Nine Bird via Buffalo Exchange (similar)
  • Jeans Forever 21 (similar)
  • Shoes Zara (similar)

Lazy Lazy Lazy Lazy Lazy Lazy Jane

She wants a drink of water so she waits and waits and waits and waits and waits for it to rain.

I’ve felt like death warmed over all week. I don’t have a fever and the stuff coming out of my nose is clear, so I’m not sick enough to stay home. But: ugh. The solution? Wear undercover pajamas to work.

These “Magic Pants” look a lot like my Jessica Simpson ones, but are made of a much nicer fabric, are a more appropriate length, and the waistband isn’t enormous.  I wore these pants all weekend (this outfit almost exactly to dinner on Friday. And to a movie on Saturday…), so I naturally reached for them for comfort on Monday morning.

And remember how I said I sometimes wear this cardigan around the house like a robe? Throw in a t-shirt and some shoes with Nike Air technology, and I might as well be in my jammies. The pink necklace (another gift from Mom!) adds a pop of unexpected color (my sister read somewhere that this pink is the new hot color(?)), and I like how the zigzags around the jewels reference the pattern in the cardigan.

Please excuse my face. I slept for maybe 12 minutes the night before and am full of (clear) mucous.

IMG_9276 IMG_9268 IMG_9279 IMG_9272


  • Cardigan Forever 21 (very similar)
  • Tee old Paiva (similar)
  • Necklace Charming Charlie (similar, similar)
  • Pants Express (buy, runs HUGE)
  • Shoes Cole Haan (buy half size up)