Ruffle My Feathers

Here’s a flashback that was hiding on Jill’s computer. You can tell it’s old because I’m missing an important piece of jewelry. My sister gave me this sweater for my birthday several years ago, only to find out that I had already bought the exact same one for myself! I added a pop of red shoe to the otherwise neutral outfit, and then snuck in the tiny red bracelet to help them make sense.

IMG_8084 IMG_8089 IMG_8087

All Ages And Stripes

Okay, I gave up on the PJs (although, I’m still rocking the slippers…). I still felt like hot garbage, but sometimes you have to put on real pants. Fun story: This is the outfit that inspired a (Special Ed) 8th grader to ask me if I was pregnant! Nevermind that I weigh less that at least half of the 14 year olds there. She has detention FOREVER.

I’m working a little stripe on stripe action here. I had been standing, staring into my closet when this combo came to me. Both are old pieces I’ve never worn together. I paired the dark grey cords to anchor the pastels and to add another cold weather fabric so it did’t look too Easter-y. I spent a while trying to pick a different necklace since I’d already paired these, but this match up is just meant to be.

Side note: After so many teeny J. Crew collars, these green ones look HUGE! If it weren’t for the necklace, I would’ve tucked the points into the sweater.

IMG_9385 IMG_9398

You can’t tell at all from the pictures, but I did a little variation on my standard low bun. I seperated seven ninths of my hair in the back, and braided the front two ninths into skinnyish regular braids and tied with clear bands. Then I just pulled everything back into a low messy bun. NOT rocket science, but it made it a little less boring.


Cat Scratch Fever

I put this outfit together one morning when I knew I wouldn’t be taking photos, so I was trying to find old stuff or things that I’ve already featured on the blog. But this came out so cute I took it off, hung it up together, and saved it for another day.

The cardigan, belt, and corduroy pants are pretty old, and you’ve already seen the leopard shirt and Dr. Scholl’s several times. But how fun is the color combo of the belt and sweater? Black shoes would’ve been better but, like I said yesterday, I’m still searching for the perfect black (COMFORTABLE) wedges for school. I’m actually considering going back to TJ Maxx, getting another pair of these Dr. Scholl’s and finding a way to dye them black. It’s that serious.

ALSO: You may notice that I’m paler and puffier than usual. I’ve been fighting off some bronchitis and a never ending runny nose for the last week, so please excuse my red nose!

See what I mean about reading butch if I’m not careful? Take away the curls and the shoes and that could be Elijah Wood under that jacket.

I can NOT get the photo colors right today. The belt is much more of a neon lime green, and I DON’T have an enormous bruise on my palm!

  • Jacket: old Collection B (updated version here)
  • Sweater: oooold NY&Co (similar here and here)
  • Blouse: J Crew (similar here and here)
  • Pants: old Gap (similar here and here)
  • Belt: old Express (similar here)
  • Bracelets: crystal bangle: swapped (similar here), gold/silver bangle: old Tiffany & Co (similar here and here), spikes: Ebay (buy here)
  • Ring: old Diamonique (similar here and here)
  • Earrings: Forever 21 (buy here)
  • Nail polish: OPI in Cajun Shrimp (buy here)

Black and White and Red All Over

This outfit was for an impromptu Date Night with the Mr. and his best friend. We went to this new hipster steak house (you heard me!) within walking distance of both of our apartments, so comfy shoes were happening.  Especially since I was with two dudes who could not have cared less about my accessory choices.

I bought this Snow Leopard top on a recent shopping trip with Jill. I ended up buying 2 items on that trip, both of which Jill already owns. Whoopsie. Great minds think alike.

The Mr. loves when I wear button downs like this, and I was itching to pull the tags off, so I undid one extra button than would be professional, and viola! Date night.  I had seen this top advertised with bright green pants, so I dug out the closest item I had: an old pair of red jeans. The jeans have kind of a weird, super low rise, so I opted to leave the shirt untucked. I also took these suede black flats out of a long retirement, and threw on this corduroy jacket to make the whole thing feel a little more Fall.

My hair was still pretty wet from showering late, so I blow-dried it a little, and whipped it into a messy sidebun. I kind of anguished over the jewelry, and wound up keeping it simple. I had put those pyramid stud pins on the jacket a long time ago, so I referenced the punk rock vibe in the earrings and the simple skull bracelet. I started to assemble an arm party, but I thought it worked better by itself with this otherwise preppy look.

You can’t really tell in the pictures, but all I have on my face is my Aveeno moisturizer, black liner, mascara, and a red lip stain. (Red cheeks courtesy of a piping hot shower!)

  • Black corduroy jacket: old Gap [remember when SJP did that campaign with them? That one]: (hooded option here) (soft hooded option here) (blazer option here)
  • Blouse: J. Crew Boy Shirt in Snow Cat (buy it here on sale) (similar here) (similar here for $15! and styled with red pants…)
  • Red jeans: old Target (similar here in Crimson) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Black suede flats: old Rampage (similar here) (similar here) (shiny option here) (small heel option here)
  • Earrings: old Filene’s Basement find, came in a set of 3 pairs (similar here) (similar here) (shorter option here) (super short option here)
  • Skull bracelet: ebay find (buy it here or here in Black) (delicate with diamonds option here) (gold skeleton option here)
  • Pyramid stud pins: I think this was an old Salvation Army find (buy in bulk here and here both less than $4)
  • Lipstain: Covergirl Outlast in Wild Berry Wink (buy in drugstores or online here)

Earn Your Stripes

This was running errands look early on Saturday morning. I hadn’t even showered yet, so the hair is in a side braid.

I was getting bored of my pants options, and I realized I could finally break out the cororouys again! I have these pants in 3 colors. I found them at GAP 2 years ago on extreme sale (they were, like, $15), so I picked them up in navy, gray, and winter white. I hemmed and hawed about buying the hot pink ones, and now I’m sad that I didn’t!

These pants have a higher waist (NOT “high waisted”, those look ridiculous on my short torso!) so they are  super flattering. And stretchy, so super comfy, too!

 The denim (stretch!) moto jacket is from a trip to England about 10 years ago. I got it from an unfamiliar store called Uniglo (!) which my travel companion and I referred to as the Japanese Gap. Lo and behold, now Uniglos are popping up all over the states!

The t shirt is another decade old item. It originally had elastic rouching up the sides (notice the mismatched striped at the seams), but I took the elastic out and this is a great layering piece I have yet to get rid of.

The purple sunglasses might be a little overkill. I just grabbed them on the way out the door and didn’t think much of it. Tortoise shell would’ve been a better option, but those are sitting on my mother’s foyer table across the country. Oops.

  • Purple/gray sunnies: Gift from a friend from Target’s dollar section (similar here) (similar here) (similar here) (customized here)
  • Denim moto jacket: old Uniglo (similar here) (light option here) (classic option here)
  • Tie dye cotton scarf: I forget! Maybe Nordstrom Rack? (similar here) (similar here) (similar here) (embroidered option here) (DIY here)
  • Purple/navy sweater: old Forever 21(similar here) (similar here on ebay) (cowl neck option here)
  • Navy/white t shirt: old modified Rampage (similar here) (similar here) (3/4 sleeve option here) (tank option here)
  • Navy corduroys: old Gap Always Straight (similar here) (similar here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Tan/pink shoes: Ugg Dakota (buy them here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Olive/tan purse: old Zara (similar here) (similar here) (tote option here)
  • Nail Polish: Rimmel in Steel Grey (buy at drugstores or online here)