Color By Number

This colorful shirt/pants combo was already laid out for this week. Upon news of my new position, Jill suggested we celebrate by visiting a TJ Maxx she had recently learned was very close to school. The clothing and shoe choices were lackluster, to say the least, but we did find quite a few gems in the jewelry department* (pun intended). We found two colorful sparkly necklaces that I couldn’t decide between, so I just bought both. I added this blue one to this colorful outfit and threw in the white cardigan to temper the colors (and for much needed warmth!). These colors are insane together, but because it’s mostly solid colors, and the patterns are minimal and mild, it works.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: a ridiculous outfit is always calmed down by adding a simple black blazer (or any solid, neutral colored topper). The “big” pieces that you notice are the white cardigan, green pants, and tan shoes which are all solids that work well together. Everything else is like an accessory.

*Side note: I have only recently discovered the magic that is the TJ Maxx jewelry section. It’s kind of annoying to have to ask someone to see the pieces, and you have to pay for them at the jewelry counter. But in my experience, they have EXCELLENT finds – not unlike the rest of the store. Highly recommended.

IMG_8939 IMG_8954

I JUST noticed how the tan buttons wink at the tan shoes.

IMG_8959 IMG_8947