Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Here’s what I wore out for New Year’s Eve. We had only planned on going out to dinner with our fave buddy, so I hadn’t put much thought into my outfit. I tried on several combos with varying degrees of sparkle, and would up with this. I basically piled of a ton of shimmery stuff and called it a day! NYE (and maybe Halloween…) is the only time you can pile on the sparkles like this, and I took full advantage.

The reason why this insanity works is the simple pants and solid blazer give the eye a safe place to rest. The straight hair also calmed down the whole vibe – my usual messy waves would’ve added to the noise.

The only new item here is the jacket (gift from Mom!). This is yet another example of how a blazer is the easiest way to smarten up a look. I look like a crazy teenager with the hoodie, but the (very inexpensive, btw) blazer gives this a finished, polished vibe.



Tweed-age Wasteland

This is a little bit of a kooky outfit. It was one of the mornings where I tried 1000 things on, looked at the clock, and realized I just needed to get out the door. The weather was still warm enough for naked legs, and I’ve been dying to take this ooold skirt out of retirement, but I couldn’t quite figure out what to pair with it. When I bought it 8 years ago, I generally just wore it with a t shirt and a pair of (long gone) corduroy flip flops (you heard me). The jacket helps, but I’m not in love with how this turned out. You can’t win them all.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the “brown” background is, in fact, 50% brown and 50% black thread. So next time, I’ll try working some black into the outfit and see what happens.

brown1 brown2 brown3 brown4 brown5 brown6