I saw this scarf at Target and fell in love IMMEDIATELY. Most items I buy, I tend to think about what I already own that I can wear with it and where I might wear it to. But this one went in the basket without a second thought.

A funny story about the undershirt I’m wearing here: it’s Affliction. You heard me. I saw it at Marshalls, and loved the subtle grey fleur de lis pattern. Once I realized it was Affliction, I almost put it back on principle alone. But I ultimately liked the pattern so much that I didn’t care. I’ve been reaching for it a lot lately because of it’s short skinny sleeves. Too many of my short sleeve shirts have loose sleeves which leave weird bulges when layering.

The scarf, the sweater, and the tee add up to a Trifecta (plus the leopard on the bracelet!).

IMG_0654 IMG_0680 IMG_0676 IMG_0663 IMG_0659


  • Scarf Target (similar, similar)
  • Earrings Forever 21 (buy)
  • Bracelet gift from Bloomingdale’s (similar)
  • Sweater old Halogen via Nordstrom (similar)
  • Tee Affliction via Marshalls (similar)
  • Jeans old Gap (similar)
  • Shoes Dr. Scholl’s via TJ Maxx (similar)


I forgot I had these boots! I am often woeful that I can never find boots I like, meanwhile there are several hiding in my collection (none of which I particularly love, but it at least adds a little variety to those extra chilly days).

IMG_0512 IMG_0520 IMG_0528 IMG_0535 IMG_0514


  • Jacket oooold Marshall’s find (similar)
  • Lace top Forever 21 (extremely similar)
  • Arrow necklace Forever 21 (buy)
  • Chain necklace J. Crew (similar)
  • Earrings Forever 21 (buy)
  • Pants Xhilaration via Target (similar)
  • Boots old Steve Madden (similar)

Petal to the Metal

Friday was another Bring Your Jeans to Work Day, so I thought I’d bust these floral babies out. The print is a little too small; the mister thinks these look a lot like a pair of thermal pajamas I have (he is not wrong). But they are super comfy, so why not? The shoes are pretty summery (what with the rafia on the bottom), but even I was getting sick of looking at those Dr. Scholl’s.

I like the juxtaposition of the floral with the army jacket, and how the green of the jacket and the rose of the necklace reference the floral in the jeans without being too matchy-matchy. The overall look is very casual, but next to the sea of trainers and hoodies from the other teachers on pay day, I still look quite put together.

  • Jacket: oooooold Marshall’s find (similar here and here)
  • Tank: old Paiva ribbed tank (similar here)
  • Jeans: Mossimo printed jeans (on clearance in stores) (similar here and here)
  • Shoes: super old – can’t even read the label! Nordstrom Rack find? (similar here and here)
  • Necklace: J. Crew (other colors here)
  • Ring: Forever 21 Spiked Dome (buy here in silver, which is a knock off of this)
  • Sunnies: Forever 21 (buy here)