Euclid’s Theorem

Here are some quick iPhone pics from date night. My hair is still quite wet, and we were running a little late for our reservation, but I think you get the idea.  We ate at Ada St, a trendy little hole in the wall. They had awesome cocktails and yummy small plates.  It was a delicious dinner, but this wasn’t really the kind of place where you bust out the sparkles. I was going for a look that was kind of hipster-cool, but still with enough sex appeal to keep the man happy.

Here are some simple guidelines I like to follow for date night dressing:

  1. Don’t go nuts on the shoes. Best case scenario, he doesn’t even notice your shoes anyway. Worst case scenario, you complain that your feet hurt and he secretly wants to murder you. Wear your uncomfortable shoes with your girl friends. These boots are the most comfortable of my super high heels, and I was easily able to navigate the 3-4 blocks we had to walk back to civilization (the restaurant is in a very industrial area) to hail a cab.
  2. No insane lip color. No one wants to see you reapplying and NO ONE wants to risk getting that shit on their own face. I wore a sheer light coral.
  3. Remember a sweater. Restaurants are always cold. Always. They do that so that the kitchen staff doesn’t sweat into your food. Don’t let your poor circulation turn you into a complainer; bring that sweater (or pashmina), girl.
  4. Let the boobies out, in a subtle way. This is not a nightclub and you are not JWOWW, so settle down. To everyone else, this is just a tee shirt, but to my dining companion, it is a very low v neck that gives him an “accidental” peek at my brassiere every time I lean over to take a bite.

The mister thought this cardigan looked like a Cosby sweater. You can’t win them all…

  • Jacket: old Tahari (similar here)
  • Cardigan: Forever 21 Draped Geo Pattern Cardigan (no longer online, try stores) (very similar here)
  • Tee shirt: old Forever 21 (similar here and here)
  • Jeans: old Lux via Urban Outfitters (similar here)
  • Boots: old Cynthia Rowley (similar herehere, and here)
  • Clutch: oooold Marc Ecko (similarish here)
  • Necklace: old Claire’s (similarish here and here)
  • Ring: old Forever 21 (?) (similarish herehere, and here)

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

I got to go to my first legit runway show this past weekend! It was The Art Of Fashion put on by Ten Chicago designers were featured, but to be honest, the runway fashions were the least exciting part of this evening. We had VIP tickets, so we got to go to a cocktail reception before, where we drank almond champagne (AMAZING!), a tiny bit of sushi, and all the Luna bars we could stuff into our purses.

Jill and I sat next to each other in the third row (the other girls with us were spread out in the row behind us), towards the middle of the runway, so the models often stopped to pose right in front of us.

Afterwards, we grabbed our SUPER heavy swag bags and headed over to the after party at ROOF on the Wit. By the time we finished our complimentary drink (and took plenty of ridiculous pictures), we were all pretty tipsy and very hungry. We ended the evening with plenty of peanut sauce at Butterfly.

It was so gross and rainy out – I temporarily put my hair in a side fishtail.

We called my look “Witch Going to a Rave” and Jill’s was “J Crew Goes to the Prom”

Here’s a shot of all the jewels and bag at once.

  • Blazer: old H&M (very similar here) (cute option here)
  • Mongolian Fur Scarf: old, not sure where from! (very similar here and here)
  • Black Turtleneck (not really seen): old H&M girl’s department (similar here and here)
  • Silver Skirt: Forever 21 (buy here) (similar here)
  • Ankle Boots: old Cynthia Rowley (similar here, here, and here)
  • Clutch: thrifted (similar here, here and here)
  • Earrings: Forever 21 in Aqua (buy here) (options here and here)
  • Ring: Forever 21 (buy here) (similar here and here)
  • Silver Bracelet: old Forever 21 (similar here and here)
  • Multi-color Bracelet: Gift, I think from Macy’s (options here, here, and here)
  • Gold/black Bracelet: old Forever 21 (similar here, here and here)

Check out pics from the runway and the loot from our swag bags here.

Black and White and Red All Over

This outfit was for an impromptu Date Night with the Mr. and his best friend. We went to this new hipster steak house (you heard me!) within walking distance of both of our apartments, so comfy shoes were happening.  Especially since I was with two dudes who could not have cared less about my accessory choices.

I bought this Snow Leopard top on a recent shopping trip with Jill. I ended up buying 2 items on that trip, both of which Jill already owns. Whoopsie. Great minds think alike.

The Mr. loves when I wear button downs like this, and I was itching to pull the tags off, so I undid one extra button than would be professional, and viola! Date night.  I had seen this top advertised with bright green pants, so I dug out the closest item I had: an old pair of red jeans. The jeans have kind of a weird, super low rise, so I opted to leave the shirt untucked. I also took these suede black flats out of a long retirement, and threw on this corduroy jacket to make the whole thing feel a little more Fall.

My hair was still pretty wet from showering late, so I blow-dried it a little, and whipped it into a messy sidebun. I kind of anguished over the jewelry, and wound up keeping it simple. I had put those pyramid stud pins on the jacket a long time ago, so I referenced the punk rock vibe in the earrings and the simple skull bracelet. I started to assemble an arm party, but I thought it worked better by itself with this otherwise preppy look.

You can’t really tell in the pictures, but all I have on my face is my Aveeno moisturizer, black liner, mascara, and a red lip stain. (Red cheeks courtesy of a piping hot shower!)

  • Black corduroy jacket: old Gap [remember when SJP did that campaign with them? That one]: (hooded option here) (soft hooded option here) (blazer option here)
  • Blouse: J. Crew Boy Shirt in Snow Cat (buy it here on sale) (similar here) (similar here for $15! and styled with red pants…)
  • Red jeans: old Target (similar here in Crimson) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Black suede flats: old Rampage (similar here) (similar here) (shiny option here) (small heel option here)
  • Earrings: old Filene’s Basement find, came in a set of 3 pairs (similar here) (similar here) (shorter option here) (super short option here)
  • Skull bracelet: ebay find (buy it here or here in Black) (delicate with diamonds option here) (gold skeleton option here)
  • Pyramid stud pins: I think this was an old Salvation Army find (buy in bulk here and here both less than $4)
  • Lipstain: Covergirl Outlast in Wild Berry Wink (buy in drugstores or online here)

Shiny Happy People

Here are a few iPhone shots the Mr. took before we headed out in Saturday night.  I was WAY overdressed for Wrigleyville (oopsie), but whatever.


And, of course, a closeup on the jewels. I got dressed in kind of a rush, and if I’d had time to analyze, I probably wouldnt’ve worn the shiny top with the shiny pants. But I countered it with making the rest of the pieces pretty matte (suede shoes, feather earrings, boucle jacket [not shown]). And who would’ve thought gold jeans could be so versatile?!!??! So far I’ve made them work for a boho look, a preppy look, and now this kind of disco look.  Maybe I should do a montage of How I Wear Gold Pants.

  • Blouse: old Calvin Klein dark teal (similar here) (similar here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Gold Jeans: Allen B. (buy them here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Shoes: old Nine West suede and cork  (awesome option here) (interesting option here) (closed toe option here) (patent option here)
  • Earrings: old Forever 21(similar here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Friendship Bracelet: old Urban Outfitters (similar here) (similar here) (similar here)
  • Heffalump Bracelet: old eBay find [also worn here] (black/white version here) (ivory version here)
  • Random Skinny Bangle: part of an Indian wedding favor (similar here) (similar here) (cool source here) (bulk lots here)
  • Gold Studded Ring: Forever 21, came as a set of 2 [also worn here] (buy it here) (similar here)
  • Finger polish: Spoiled in Paying With Platinum (buy it here)
  • Toe Polish: Revlon Top Speed in Jaded (buy it here)
  • Lipstick: old CoverGirl Continuous Color, Sheer Wine (discontinued, but buy it here)