With so many neutral outfits lately, I felt like it was time for some color. And BOY did I overcompensate. If you had described this outfit to me, I would’ve said, “Ooo, girl, no.” But for some reason this just works. Treat your wardrobe like I treat Forever 21: Just try it on. I come up with my fair share of ooo-girl-nos, but I also sometimes catch a wild card like this one.


Side note: I’m not serving up camel toe; these pants stretch out SO MUCH by the end of the day that when I hike them up for pictures, I sometimes get *unfortunate* folding from excess fabric.

IMG_0002 IMG_0007 IMG_0911IMG_9994

It Takes Two To Tangerine

Ugh, gross again. I slept 11 hours the night before these and was rocking a mild fever. But I didn’t let my yucky disposition get in the way of busting out these bright, cheerful pants!

IMG_9541 IMG_9551 IMG_9547 IMG_9546 IMG_9549

  • Sweater old J. Crew (similar)
  • Shirt Mossimo via Target (similar)
  • Bracelet old Forever 21 (similar)
  • Pants Forever 21 (buy)
  • Shoes Dr. Scholl’s via TJ Maxx (similar)