I finally got a trim! I’m having a bit of first time styling issues with these pics…

I was excited to bust out these new fierce loafers. The ground was still pretty gross outside, but the fabric on these shoes was quite water friendly. It was NOT, however, foot friendly! I got a nasty blister near my heel about halfway through the day and had to bust out the chanclas.

As for the rest of the outfit, I kept it pretty simple with a nudge towards collegiate preppy to match the underlying vibe of the shoes. A chunky bracelet ties the studs back in.

IMG_0482 IMG_0480IMG_0488

How Do I Wear Brown Oxfords?

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This “How Do I Wear This?” request comes from my sister Liz. About a month ago, she picked up these cute brown oxfords from DSW, but wasn’t sure what to wear with them once she got home.
I told her to treat them like brown ballet flats, but to make sure that whatever else she wore had some kind of girly aspect.
That wasn’t super specific, but here are some pants ideas for work:
Liz shoes work
I like the idea of showing them off with a cropped pant. I’m obsessed with blouses right now, and I thought the tie neck blouses added that bit of girly-ness so the look isn’t TOO boy-ish. (I know that my look tends to read “butch” pretty quickly, thanks to broad shoulders, so I know all the tricks to bringing it back to feminine) I threw in the VERY feminine jewelry to take it a step further and elevate the look from just being pants, a blouse, and flats.  Each look also has a pop of color.
Here are some work looks featuring skirts:
liz work skirts

Liz, like me, is a shrimp of a lady. So we need our skirts to be at or above the knee ESPECIALLY with flats. These oxfords would look adorable with a short(ish) full skirt. With such a girly skirt, the top can be a little less frou-frou.  Now that it’s Fall, I would recommend  gray or patterned brown tights. If the rest of the look is pretty neutral, you could also pump it up with a DARK opaque colored tight in burgundy, plum, or forest green.

And now for some casual looks:

liz shoes casual

I’m still searching for the perfect chambray shirt, because those babies go with EVERYTHING! Including these shoes.  I threw in a few skirts with the same ideas as the work skirts, but a little shorter and/or more casual. I also like the idea of cropped patterned jeans or corduroy with these. A patterned sweater lends the “I’m a girl!” vibe without going overboard. I would still pair these casual looks with sweet jewelry, or maybe some leopard print in a belt or scarf or bag.

Click on the pictures to find out more about the specific items.

And there you have it! What do you think? Would you wear these shoes differently?

If you have an item you aren’t sure how to wear, or need fresh ideas for, give me a holler and I’ll try to put my take on it.